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Connecting with Other Survivors

Connecting with Other Survivors

For many survivors, sometimes the best support comes from connecting with others who have traveled the cancer journey. You can do that by reading someone's stories, chatting online or by email, or connecting with someone locally.

NC Cancer Stories

At UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center the patients are at the center of everything.
Please visit to hear their stories, which UNC-LCCC patients share to offer comfort and hope to those who are facing cancer.

Peer Connect: A Peer to Peer Support Program

Peer Connect is a confidential peer-support program that connects anyone touched by cancer with another person whose experiences with cancer are similar. The program is free of charge. A participant in this program will be matched with either a cancer survivor or experienced caregiver, based on the participant's life circumstances. Once a match is made, the volunteer will contact the new participant. The individuals may correspond in a few phone calls or develop a long-lasting relationship. The trained volunteer will provide a listening ear, serve as a sounding board to express hopes and fears, and recommend helpful information and resources. Peer Connect is open to anyone touched by any type of cancer — the newly diagnosed, patients in active treatment, survivors, family members, close friends, caregivers — anyone who needs the support of others who share similar experiences.

Peer Connect volunteers understand the questions and fears one might experience because they have had them as well. They are trained in a nationally recognized peer training program, which provides them with the tools to be effective in their role of providing support and encouragement. This training will also provide volunteers with communication skills that are helpful in many aspects of everyday life. Peer Connect volunteers are not serving as health professionals, but are compassionate individuals who are eager to help because they understand what the participant is going through.

To Receive a Peer Connect mentor:

All you need to do to start the process is fill out the form below, visit, email, call (919) 401-9333, or stop by Cornucopia Cancer Support Center. You will then be matched with a qualified volunteer who will contact you to begin the Peer Connect journey.

To Become a Peer Connect mentor:

To be a Peer Connect volunteer you must be at least one year past treatment or providing direct caregiving, have strong interpersonal skills, be emotionally ready to participate in a mentoring relationship, and be willing to commit to an active match for at least six months. All you need to do to start the process is fill out the form below, visit, email, call (919) 401-9333, or stop by Cornucopia Cancer Support Center. You will then be contacted by the Peer Connect coordinator.

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